The Fine Art of Creating Renaissance Portraits from Photos

The Fine Art of Creating Renaissance Portraits from Photos

Renaissance art is one of the most popular styles of portrait throughout history. The style has influenced paintings of the past and present. Their shading, coloring, and regal appearance made them famous and are still among the most sought-after art styles.

Today, people enjoy mixing the style of the historical era with their modern photos. A common way to do this is by ordering a custom Renaissance portrait through Pixel Photo Art. This article will examine the history of Renaissance portraits and how you can create your version today.

What Is a Historical Portrait?

The goal of any portrait is to reflect the physical characteristics of the model, as well as their personality and mood, through the eyes of the artist. There are many types of historical portraits, as the style has changed several times through the ages. Historical portraits created in the past reflect the art style of the time.

For example, a medieval portrait from the Middle Ages showcased the subject’s social status, political stance, or religious beliefs. Medieval portraits were meant to depict a person the way they wanted to be remembered, not necessarily how they looked at any particular time. These portraits were cartoonish in style, with little realistic detail.

In contrast, 1700s portraits reflected the Baroque era. During this time, paintings reflected the most dramatic moment in the subject’s life. These portraits used dark colors, intense shadows, and other dramatic features.

Nestled between these two periods was the Renaissance era. Renaissance art had much more detail than medieval art. Portraits of the Renaissance era depicted bright colors, shading, and realistic features of the subject being painted. The background was often plain because Renaissance artists wanted their subjects to be the focus.

A Renaissance portrait painting is one of the most popular styles of an old portrait. The Renaissance era was the first art period when anyone could get a portrait created if they desired, as long as they could pay for it. Plus, the realistic depiction of a moment in time for the subject and the life-like colors and shading made it a more versatile style of classic portrait painting.

The Fine Art of Creating Renaissance Portraits from Photos

What Is an Example of a Renaissance Portrait?

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is one of the most famous examples of Renaissance-style portrait painting. The Mona Lisa impacted Renaissance portrait style and many future art eras. You can see a three-quarter pose in this portrait, which has become the standard pose for portraits.

Da Vinci took a more free approach to creating this portrait, which is what the Renaissance era of portrait painting was all about. This portrait also has a muted color palette that relies on shading, a specific feature that grew in popularity during the period. The blending is subtle, creating a more life-like picture than the portraits of eras past.

Are Renaissance Portraits Still Popular Today?

The style of Renaissance art has become a staple for art collectors all over the world. However, it’s also a style that stays popular among the general population. Renaissance portraits often showcased people in military clothing or other royal uniforms, and this regal style makes for a formal image of the subject.

This portrait style is popular enough that many people want to translate their modern photos into a custom Renaissance portrait. Having a personal photo turned into a high-quality work of art makes a fun statement piece for many homes, which is why people find them so enjoyable.

The Fine Art of Creating Renaissance Portraits from Photos

Why Should You Get a Custom Renaissance Portrait?

A custom Renaissance portrait makes a great conversation piece in any home. Opting for this style of portrait instead of a typical photograph will personalize any home decor.

Renaissance portraits have been seen as regal for hundreds of years. You can bring some of that same elegance into the modern age with a custom Renaissance portrait. Whether you’re an art collector or love fun twists on photos, a Renaissance portrait can be an excellent fit for your house or office.


Renaissance portraits are stunning, regal, and realistic. They make a great statement piece for any art lover or collector. A custom Renaissance portrait takes the beauty of historical art and turns it into a modern-day masterpiece with your photo. This portrait option blends old–world art with today’s technology to develop a one-of-a-kind piece to display.

Do you also want to preserve the beauty of Renaissance art by creating a custom Renaissance portrait from your favorite photos?

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