The Amazing Ashville Fine Arts at Showplace Antique + Design Center

There are many great places in New York to buy decorative arts and antiques, but there is nothing like Showplace Antique + Design Center in Manhattan. Being the largest marketplace of antique, vintage, and mid-century modern furniture and arts, it offers an amazing selection of unique and original items for any taste. It is also home to bi-monthly estate auctions featuring a wide range of collectibles in all possible styles, from Art Nouveau and Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern and Postmodern. Today, Showplace Antique + Design Center houses over 250 dealers and art galleries, including Ashville Fine Arts, one of NYC’s best dealers of 17th – 21st-century art, decorative objects, and other collectibles.

Ashville Fine Arts at Showplace Antique + Design Center

Ashville Fine ArtsAshville Fine Arts, or Ashville Fine Arts & Antiques as it was previously known, emerged in the early 1990s and quickly became one of the best places in New York to buy decorative arts and antiques. The first gallery space was opened in Manhattan in 2000, attracting a wide audience of new clients who were looking for exceptional pieces for their collections.

Today, Ashville Gallery at Showplace Antique + Design Center is a preferred place for both seasoned and novice collectors, as well as decorators, designers, and architects. Its impressive collection features paintings and sculptures of the 17th-21st century, ethnic arts, lighting fixtures, antique jewelry, silver, porcelain, objects of decorative and applied art, collectibles, and a whole range of other unique finds. All of the items offered by the Gallery are distinguished by a fine artistic taste and originality, making this place the right choice for all sorts of collectors.

At Fine Art Shippers, we love Ashville Gallery at Showplace Antique + Design Center, and we are proud to have been working with this outstanding arts and antiques dealer for many years. If you still have not visited this amazing place, you should definitely do it at your earliest opportunity!