Sustainability and Arts in a Modern World

1200px Spiral Jetty Smithson Laramee

Most likely, you have heard a lot about sustainability and arts in the modern world. But do you really know what their relationship is? In this blog post, we will tell you about the main principle of sustainability and its impact on both the world of art and the process of fine art shipping.

Sustainability is now present in many aspects of our life, from banking and architecture to agriculture and international shipping. People do try to take care of the environment and human needs, which results in making socially responsible investments, building more eco-friendly constructions, farming adjusted to the ecosystems, etc. Art is no exception as sustainability has become a growing factor for many artists and art business professionals too. So what is the relationship between sustainability and arts?

First of all, it is important to note that sustainable art is any kind of art created in harmony with the major principles of sustainability, which include social justice, ecology, and non-violence. One of the most renowned examples of sustainable art is “Spiral Jetty” by American sculptor Robert Smithson. Created in April 1970, this incredible earthwork sculpture in the shape of a spiral was made from 5,000 tons of basalt on the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. The most interesting thing about “Spiral Jetty” is that it is not only influenced by the surrounded landscape, but it is rather part of it, forming a strong relationship between sustainability and arts.

Among other examples of sustainable art are “Connect the Dots” by Mary Miss, who placed 600 large blue metal dots throughout Boulder, CO, to identify the high-water marks of the floods that occurred in different years, and Eve Mosher’s “Seeding the City” project aimed at growing plants on rooftops on buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC.

Since Fine Art Shippers is a professional fine art shipping company, our work is also related to both sustainability and arts. First of all, we use recyclable, eco-friendly packing materials as much as possible. Secondly, along with many other art moving companies, we try to create a more environmentally responsible, economically profitable, safer, accountable, and socially conscious industry. Finally, we offer our services at reasonable prices, making them accessible for everyone, not to mention free shipping quotes that our clients can request right from this website. Fine Art Shippers is aimed at being sustainable in various ways, and we are very proud of it!

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons User Netherzone/CC BY-SA 4.0