Sokol-Hohne Studios: Art Packages for Public Spaces and Hospitality

To decorate a room in a home so that all of the items look amazing together is not an easy task. To decorate a public space is even a greater challenge that requires design inspiration and expert advice. It is no wonder that hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, conference venues, and other hospitality businesses opt for professional help when it comes to decorating spaces. The same is with the art collectors wishing to display their precious art pieces in the most appealing and visually stimulating manner. In this blog post, we want to tell you about Sokol-Hohne Studios, a reputable fine art studio offering art packages for public spaces and hospitality.

Art Packages for Public Spaces and Hospitality

Sokol-Hohne Studios is an art consulting firm and fine art studio specializing in art procurement and complete art packages for public spaces and hospitality. Working directly with private collectors, hospitality businesses, and interior designers, this studio is a comprehensive art source for creating site-specific art installations and exceptional design solutions for any space. They always have innovative ideas, original art pieces, and exciting imagery to contribute to any design concept and project, no matter big or small.

With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Scottsdale, and other US cities, Sokol-Hohne Studios operates all over the country, helping venues and private clients decorate spaces with exclusive art. These include wall coverings and murals, contemporary photography, interior and exterior sculptures, art textiles, designer mirrors, and more.

Going Classic Blue

One of the latest trends from Sokol-Hohne Studios is “Classic Blue.” The studio offers a truly impressive selection of artworks featuring all hues of blue that is considered the color of intelligence, confidence, truth, wisdom, loyalty, and trust. Besides, blue colors are beneficial to the mind and body. “Classic Blue” is now a hot trend, but if it is not your color, Sokol-Hohne Studios can customize the design to your exact needs. They are true wizards!