Soft Pack Shipping: Fast, Effective, and Economic

Soft Pack Shipping: Fast, Effective, and Economic

Arthur Conan Doyle once said that the world is full of obvious things that nobody ever observes. Indeed, we encounter a variety of pretty much self-explanatory notions and phenomena every single day. In art logistics, for example, we say that soft pack shipping is a fast, effective, and economic option that will be great in the majority of situations. At the same time, we wonder whether other people have the same perception as ours. To make sure that we all are on the same page, let’s see how beneficial this type of shipping can be.

Why Fast? Why Effective? Why Economic?

In practice, soft pack shipping may mean different things to different people. For example, a combination of cardboard corners with gift tissue paper or newspaper might seem like a fast, “kind of” effective, and very economic option. The problem is that it is not. To best understand the distinction, it is relevant to compare it to hard packing, which is basically a wooden crate. And what is the opposite of wood in terms of the packing process? Right, paper.

All types of boxes made of corrugated double-wall cardboard are the basic element of soft pack shipping. To wrap an artwork, you also need bubble wrap, glassine paper, or other archival materials. And don’t forget corner protectors! This list of things is what constitutes soft packaging. It is also a reason why soft packaging is fast, effective, and economic. Every professional shipper knows how to set up boxes so that they fit the freight. Those can be easily shaped and require only several tools. Due to the nature of the material, it is also fairly cheap, especially when you compare it to crates. All in all, these parameters make it effective, as the properly done soft pack shipping is never risky.

The Best Way to Benefit from Soft Pack Shipping Service

If you now see why this type of shipping is a popular service among all art handlers, you might want to know how to find those who can provide it by the book. Well, that’s when Fine Art Shippers comes into play. We specialize in both soft and hard packaging, so you will not need to look for other companies, provided that your item requires more than an artwork box. With us, you can make the most out of shipping service and have your valuables transported as quickly as possible.