Should I Hire Art Shipping Companies for Moving a Piano?

Moving a piano is a daunting procedure that always demands the utmost care and attention. In fact, this bulky musical instrument is one of the most difficult items to handle not only because of its weight and shape but also because of its complex and delicate mechanism. The truth is if you want to keep your piano safe during the move, you need to organize all the steps necessary for its moving ahead. One of them is to hire a professional art moving company experienced in handling pianos and grand pianos, as a DIY move is not an option in this case.

Why hire art shipping companies?

When it comes to moving a piano, getting as many assistants as possible is essential. However, it’s not enough for safe moving. Since this job requires proper equipment, physical strength, and specific skills, hiring experienced art movers is the best thing to do. Moreover, it is actually the only way to avoid serious injuries and ensure your piano gets to the destination in its pristine condition. The next question is how to choose the right fine art shippers.

Tips for choosing piano movers

1. Do some research before you hire any moving company. Consider customer testimonials and get recommendations from people you trust to make sure the chosen service is the right one for your particular needs.

2. Since insurance is an indispensable element of the transportation process, consult piano movers regarding the proper insurance coverage. Ask whether they can help you choose the best package and how they can simplify the insurance procedures.

3. Please note that you should not pay a fortune for shipping a piano. Just keep looking, and you are guaranteed to find a trustworthy piano moving service offered at a reasonable price.

4. Make sure that the chosen company can provide you with all the necessary packing, crating, installation, and art storage services.

5. Finally, before you hire piano movers, find out what you can do to reduce the cost of transportation. Professional art shipping companies should offer you different options to choose from.

One more important thing to consider is that to restore your piano or replace any of the components damaged in transit is much more expensive than hiring professional movers. Once your piano is delivered to its destination safe and sound, you will realize that such an investment is always worthwhile.