Shipping Framed Art? Learn How to Do It Right First

Shipping Framed Art? Learn How to Do It Right First

A frame with a glass cover can be a beautiful addition to a work of art and help you enjoy it longer. While it can serve as a protective barrier between the outside world and your piece, it can also be a reason for the artwork’s damage in transit. For this reason, some people avoid shipping framed art. But what if you could learn the proper techniques to safely ship a painting or another piece of wall art framed with glass anywhere in the world?

Shipping Framed Art? Learn How to Do It Right First

There is a reason why many people believe that shipping framed art is not a good idea. For the most part, it is just not worth it. The fact is that a glass frame can break during transit and ruin the artwork. Removing the piece from its frame and letting the recipient of the item frame it themselves seems like a safer option. But what if you need to ship a framed piece of art because it is a gift or if your buyer specifically requests the frame? Do not worry — you can still transport framed artwork safely and securely. All you need is some suitable packing supplies.

Step 1: Protect the glass

Glass is by far the most fragile part of the frame. If it shatters in transit, there is no way of knowing it happened until you open the packaging. Then, you might either find a completely ruined work of art or even injure yourself while opening the box. However, there is a very easy way to prevent this: put a special blue film or artist tape in a criss-cross shape directly on the glass. This will hold the glass shards together and prevent them from causing harm to you and your piece in case the glass breaks in transit.

Step 2: Protect the corners

Protecting the corners is one of the most important measures you can take to ensure the safety of your framed art. Since the corners are a very fragile part of any art object, they can get chipped or scratched during transportation. It is better to cover them with corner protectors made from sturdy cardboard or foam.

Step 3: Hire professionals

The best way to protect any work of art from damage is to entrust its transportation to professionals. If you are weary of sending your framed artwork with regular postal services, there are plenty of art logistics companies that can help you deliver your precious valuables to their destination safely.

With proper protection and professional help, you can rest assured that your work of art framed with glass will remain in perfect condition until the very end of its journey.