Shipping Antiques Is Impossible without Insurance

Whether it comes to shipping antiques coast to coast, internationally, or you just need to transport your precious possessions to the local gallery or your summer home, art insurance that covers loss, damage, and theft during transit is a must-have. Thereby, if you use a transportation service to ship antiques, you must verify if the provider has or offers art insurance services.

Being shippers of fine art for 20+ years, we know how it is important to have your items appraised and insured before to actually move them. The truth is unforeseen circumstances do happen, so it is always better to have reliable art insurance coverage at hand, especially when it comes to fine art packing and shipping. That is why we provide a variety of insurance services to meet any need. However, art shipping companies differ, and not all of them offer proper insurance for shipping antiques. Besides, some people simply forget about it when moving the artwork themselves, which often results in disaster. In this way, whether you are going to hire art shippers or want to move your valuables on your own, it is necessary to know several important things about art insurance.

3 things you should know about art insurance

  • Fine print is essential. You should completely understand your art insurance policy, so take your time to read the fine print carefully. If you have any questions regarding damage, theft, or loss situations, ask them without hesitation. 
  • Some compensation is better than no compensation at all. If you are shipping a whole collection of antiques or art pieces but cannot buy insurance covering its entire value, buy as much as you can afford. After all, if something happens, chances are it will affect only a portion of your collection. 
  • Art insurance differs from homeowner’s insurance. Keep in mind that with a typical homeowner’s insurance policy, your antiques and other collectibles are nothing more than just a part of your belongings. If you want your art collection to be taken seriously, look for a company that specializes in insuring art. 

In general, designed to keep your collection safe and secure, art insurance is actually as important as home or car insurance. Moreover, you won’t find a reputable antique shipping company that will move your possessions if they are not properly insured, which makes art insurance a must-have.