Shipping a Mirror? Here’s What You Need for a Damage-Free Delivery

Shipping a Mirror? Here’s What You Need for a Damage-Free Delivery

Mirrors are very delicate and fragile elements of interior décor, so they require special treatment during transportation. What should you know about shipping a mirror to guarantee that this process is executed without damage? Here are a couple of intricacies that will help you master the art of moving mirrors risk-free.

The Intricacies of Shipping a Mirror

The most important aspect is proper packaging of your mirror before transportation. You need to reinforce the mirror’s surface with blue film and foam and its corners and edges with sturdy cardboard or foam protectors to minimize the risk of scratches and chips. Wrap the mirror securely, using acid-free protective materials and bubble wrap, so that all surfaces are fully protected.

Select a sturdy cardboard box that fits the size of your mirror and prevents its movement during transit. Once the mirror is packaged, you need to attach respective labels to the box, which caution the movers about fragile contents.

If your mirror has to travel across a long distance or is getting ready for international shipment, you should also consider ordering a custom crate for it. Crating is essential for cross-border deliveries of fragile and delicate artwork because the transported items usually change too many hands on the way. Thus, you can minimize the risks of damage with a sturdy wooden crate that fixes the mirror with all its packaging layers inside a solid structure and prevents shocks in transit.

It is also important to think about insurance, especially if your mirror is exclusive and very expensive. By purchasing specialized shipping insurance, you protect your financial interests and rest assured that the damage will be compensated in full in case something goes wrong.

The final point is finding a reliable shipper who can guarantee a secure delivery of delicate items. It makes sense to work only with credible and experienced carriers because they understand the risks and nuances of mirror handling and can guarantee the integrity and safety of your items.

Ship Mirrors with Fine Art Shippers

With all these tips on shipping a mirror safely and carefully, you’re sure to move these fragile elements of your interior without risks and worries. Follow these recommendations or partner with dedicated professionals from Fine Art Shippers to get your mirror professionally packaged, moved, and handled throughout the shipping process. We know all the ins and outs of careful mirror handling and can guarantee you peace of mind regardless of your mirror’s age and condition.