RestorationArt – Creative Complex in the Epicenter of Black Culture

As you probably know, Fine Art Shippers has a fully equipped warehouse at 1940 McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn, where we pack and crate all the art pieces we are trusted to ship. We love working in Brooklyn, and we can say with confidence that it is currently the most popular borough of New York City.

Brooklyn is full of young businesses, family-owned brick-oven pizzerias, fabulous nightlife activities, shopping opportunities, and incredible restaurants. This beautiful borough is also full of contemporary art and talented people, many of whom have their studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Besides, it is home to RestorationArt, the cultural centerpiece of the Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation that is the very first community development corporation in the United States.


RestorationArt is a creative complex located at Restoration Plaza that has long been considered an economic, social, and cultural anchor of the Black Brooklyn community. Aimed at protecting sustainable art spaces, supporting revolutionary art makers, and bringing world-class visual and performing arts to the heart of Brooklyn, RestorationArt plays a very important role in the preservation and development of Black culture. It is exactly the place where new talents and new works of contemporary art are created, discovered, performed, and presented to the public. Besides, RestorationArt offers various multidisciplinary programs that highlight the diverse perspectives of talented artists of African descent. It’s really great that such a significant cultural organization is based right here, in Brooklyn. At Fine Art Shippers, we love this place and its deep commitment to local contemporary art!