Peanut Gallery: A Go-To Place for Modern & Contemporary Art

Not so long ago, we wrote about our amazing experience with Peanut Gallery when Fine Art Shippers was chosen to deliver Peter Keil’s artworks for the Weekend Art show. It was a great opportunity for our team of New York art movers to get acquainted with so many talented people while shipping fine art from the artist’s studio to Peanut Gallery. Since then, we have been working with this beautiful gallery and its clients, providing them with secure art shipping and fine art packing services both locally and internationally. In this blog post, we want to tell you more about Peanut Gallery, its charming owner, and several passionate artists whose works can be purchased through this gallery.

Peanut Gallery

Peanut Gallery LLC is a young art gallery that was established in Summit, New Jersey in 2016; however, it is already a recognized go-to place for modern and contemporary art. Located at 338 Springfield Avenue, Peanut Gallery has become a wonderful addition to downtown Summit, offering a variety of artworks by some of the most talented contemporary artists, as well as unique pieces of mid-century modern art. The gallery’s success is largely due to its founding owner and director Penelope Kernen, an open-minded and incredibly inspirational woman who has already built a solid career in television. Besides, Penelope is also active in various charity events, many of which are organized through Peanut Gallery.


Peanut Gallery is home to works by many talented modern and contemporary artists from all over the world. Here are just several names you should know about:

  • Peter Keil, German Neo-Expressionist sculptor and painter, known for his unique method of painting, dynamic shapes, and impressive choice of colors;
  • Hunt Slonem, a world-famous American artist, primarily known for his huge Neo-Expressionist paintings of tropical birds and repetitions of bunnies;
  • Victor Vasarely, a renowned Hungarian–French artist who is considered a “grandfather” and leader of the Op-art movement;
  • Rolph Scarlett, a very important American artist, whose works are displayed in many reputable museums, including the MoMA and the Whitney Museum of American Art;
  • Yaacov Agam, an Israeli experimental artist and sculptor, known for his contributions to kinetic and optical art.

Fine Art Shippers is very proud to see Peanut Gallery among our clients, and we are always ready to provide the best logistics and fine art packing services to everyone who purchases art through this amazing New Jersey gallery.