Optimizing Your Painting Storage: What Is the Best Solution?

Optimizing Your Painting Storage

The lack of storage space is one of the main issues for people who love making or collecting art. Luckily, fine art handlers have just the right solution for you. Here are two ways to optimize your painting storage space without sacrificing your art. Which one will you choose?

Easy Ways to Optimize Your Painting Storage

Professional approach

Art racks are some of the most popular storage systems used in the art world. You can find them both in personal studios and museum-level storage facilities because they are affordable and easy to use. Painting racks come in different variations: the ones used in large facilities are massive constructions that can hold a significant amount of art.

For an at-home setting, you will want to opt for something more compact. The main advantage of art storage racks is that they are easy to move and will not take up too much space in your studio or storage room. There are many companies specializing in such products, offering great storage racks at a reasonable price. Do not forget to check the measurements of the storage system before buying it.

Amateur approach

While art racks are pretty much the most efficient and safe solution to painting storage, they might not be for everyone. If you do not want to acquire an entirely new storage system, there are still ways for you to get the most out of your space. To do that, you must remember that the most crucial element of successful artwork storage is elevation.

Never keep your paintings on the floor because this is where dust and moisture like to accumulate. Wrap your paintings in acid-free paper and store them vertically in a cardboard box on a shelf or any elevated surface. Do not forget to seal or cover the box with a cloth to prevent dust build-up.

So, which solution should you opt for? Fine art storage companies use painting racks because they help organize the space and are safe, so it is only logical you would want to choose this option over another. Also, even if you do not have a museum-level art collection, it does not mean you cannot experience the high-quality services of an expert art storage service. Fine Art Shippers is always happy to help you take care of your artwork collection at a reasonable price.