NYC Art Courier Service: Rehs Galleries


What an amazing experience to work with really professional people who are passionate about art as much as we are! At Fine Art Shippers, we are very lucky to meet many talented artists, creative gallery owners, dedicated art dealers, and enthusiastic collectors while shipping fine art across the country and internationally. Moreover, we are especially happy that many of these people live and work in New York City, which allows us to provide them with the outstanding art courier service on a daily basis.

Fine Art Shippers has long been working with many reputable New York-based art galleries offering truly exceptional works of art by emerging and established artists from all over the world. Rehs Galleries is one of them, and we are very thankful for the unique chance to deliver gorgeous works of art to this beautiful gallery located right in the heart of NYC. Thus, our art courier service is not only part of our business but also a fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with many knowledgeable and professional people working in the art industry. This is particularly true for the owner of the amazing Rehs Galleries.

Rehs Galleries

Rehs Galleries was founded in the late 1930s when M. Edwin Schillay decided to supplement his accounting work with the art and antiques trade. For today, this exquisite gallery is largely known for its fantastic collection of 19th– and 20th-century art, with works by such prominent artists as Emile Munier, Daniel Ridgway Knight, Julien Dupre, and Antoine Blanchard. However, Rehs Galleries also has a large selection of contemporary art for any taste, ranging from paintings and photographs to sculptures. Highly recommended!

Rehs Galleries

Rehs Galleries

Art courier service

At Fine Art Shippers, we are very proud to offer our professional white glove art courier service in the New York metropolitan area, which allows us to work with so many superb art galleries in NYC and beyond. Besides, our art courier service is also chosen by many private clients who need their precious works of art to be delivered safely and securely within a short time-frame. The fact is that Fine Art Shippers is one of a few art shipping companies in NYC offering same-day art courier services within the Tri-State area, making our team a perfect choice for any urgent art moving need.

What is no less important, we offer our white glove art courier service at a very reasonable price, so feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers even if you have a limited budget!