NYA Gallery – An Artist-Led Art Gallery in New York

Whether you are a novice art collector or you are simply looking for something special for your home, you should pay attention to works by emerging artists. It’s easy if you are based in New York because this city is full of contemporary talents offering high-quality artworks at reasonable prices. The only question is which gallery, studio, or artwork store to choose.

At Fine Art Shippers, we have been providing the art community with professional fine art shipping services since 1995, and over this time we have visited many reputable galleries and artist studios in New York. Each of them is unique and deserves your attention, but now we want to tell you about NYA Gallery that is an artist-led gallery and an artwork store combined in one.

NYA Gallery

NYA Gallery was created for talented emerging artists wishing to be in the New York art market. Its mission is to provide them with affordable exhibition spaces and artist studios in Manhattan, thus giving them an opportunity to broaden their experiences and exposure. As a result, NYA Gallery is just a perfect place to come for original art available at very attractive prices. Plus, it also has an online artwork store with a variety of beautiful items for any taste.

One more important thing that you should know about NYA Gallery is that it offers art storage services. Its facilities are equipped to safely accommodate artworks of any kind, so if you need a secure place to store your own art collection, NYA Gallery is definitely a good option.