NFT Artwork “Trinity Ethereum”: Crystal Consciousness and Healing Truth

NFT Artwork “Trinity Ethereum”: Crystal Consciousness and Healing Truth

“Trinity Ethereum” is an NFT artwork created by the contemporary Ukrainian artist Andrii Chumachenko, in ‘collaboration’ with Andrei Rublev, arguably the most famous icon painter of all time. At first glance, it is dedicated to the cryptocurrency Ethereum, which the Trinity contemplates on a sacrificial bed. The symbols embedded in the piece are, in fact, even deeper and closer to us all, no matter whether you are a theist, an atheist, or an agnostic.

The Symbolism of the NFT Artwork

What does “Trinity Ethereum” mean? Let’s take a look at the interpretation of the images depicted in the NFT artwork.

First and foremost, pay attention to those three figures who are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They can remind you of a similar system in psychology: the Inner Parent, the Inner Child, and the Inner Adult. If compared from multiple perspectives, they turn out to be remarkably familiar, especially when taking into account the fact that any religious system was originally esoteric, meaning internal. What do all those figures signify?

The image of the Father (the Inner Parent) is a set of commandments (superconscious programs).

The image of the Son (the Inner Child) is a set of needs and instincts (subconscious programs).

The image of the Holy Spirit (the Inner Adult) is omnipresence, the consciousness that combines and regulates the balance between the two previous structures of the psyche.

In this case, psychology has moved toward a scientific, materialistic perception of the world, and still, it made human attention turn inward. This consequently brings us closer to a more esoteric version of Christianity, which holds the task to discover the Kingdom of God within oneself (to feel inner harmony and wholeness).

Andrii Chumachenko sees the symbol of the cryptocurrency–in this case, Ethereum–as a reminiscence of a crystal. It is an allusion to the crystallized human consciousness, that pivotal part of the adult personality that contemplates all its components and controls them. Just as it is impossible to cancel or reverse cryptocurrency transaction chains, so the adult consciousness knows the truth about a person, no matter how much they try to hide it from themselves. It comes as both cryptocurrency and pure consciousness serve transparent honesty: one on the outside, the other on the inside. That, in turn, leads us to a better social and internal life because nothing heals as well as the truth does.

The NFT artwork is now displayed on the OpenSea Marketplace page where a non-interchangeable token of this work is up for sale. According to the artist, 90% of revenue will go to the charity for war victims and/or the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – the buyer will be able to decide. Consider taking a look and buying this truly symbolic work of art!