New York Art Moving Companies Choose Recyclable Packing Materials


Not so long ago, many companies tried to catch consumer attention with a variety of high-profile marketing campaigns, flashy logos, and fancy packaging, ignoring the fact that most of the materials used were not recyclable. However, with the appearance of high-quality yet eco-friendly packaging, everything has changed greatly. It does not mean that all companies today use organic packaging materials in their work, but most do, including some of the best New York art moving companies.

As a professional moving company specializing in shipping fine art of any size and weight, Fine Art Shippers offers comprehensive packing services to meet the needs of all our clients. Moreover, we do not use just any materials for packaging art and antiques; we use only high-quality and 100% recyclable materials, constantly working toward expanding our range of eco-friendly packaging solutions. We strongly believe that such an approach to art packing and shipping is important not only to us but also to our clients who share our desire to leave a positive impact on the environment.

Recyclable packing materials


For today, there is a great variety of eco-friendly packing materials for any need, including:

  • biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable paper and cardboard;
  • natural packaging, which is compostable and decomposes faster as well;
  • biodegradable packing materials created from different natural sources, like corn, potatoes, and wheat;
  • eco-friendly and degradable bubble wrap made from recycled polythene;
  • ‘lightweight’ packing material created with the use of less plastic.

Being one of the most reliable New York art moving companies, we use only the most organic and eco-friendly materials when conducting art shipping both internationally and nationally. All of these materials are 100% recyclable, which makes them the best choice for the sustainability of our planet and environment. Plus, there is one more significant advantage for our clients: since recyclable and biodegradable materials are usually very light, they greatly reduce the weight of the art shipment and, as a result, its cost.

Customized and eco-friendly art moving solutions are what we at Fine Art Shippers really care about. From shipping boxes and wood crates to packing tape and bubble wrap, every material we use for packaging art and antiques is always 100% recyclable. This all makes our packing and crating services not only high-quality but also environment-oriented and sustainable.