New Sculpture by Stathis Alexopoulos at DL Fine Arts Gallery

Specializing in shipping fine art both nationally and internationally, Fine Art Shippers is aimed at making the process of transporting artworks as easy and hassle-free as possible. However, shipping fine art is not only our business – it is also our passion, largely due to the amazing opportunity to meet many talented artists and dedicated gallerists, and also get acquainted with true masterpieces of contemporary art from all over the world. In this blog post, we are delighted to introduce the latest sculpture by Stathis Alexopoulos, a prominent Greek artist represented by DL Fine Arts Gallery.

DL Fine Arts Gallery

Established by Dimitra Limniati in 2012, DL Fine Arts Gallery is an online gallery featuring an impressive selection of work by both established and emerging Greek artists. Aimed at offering various art pieces to satisfy the demands of both serious collectors and connoisseurs, this original gallery website is just an ideal place to look for something unique and inspiring.

Stathis Alexopoulos

Stathis Alexopoulos is a very talented Greek artist who lives in Athens. He is largely known for his gorgeous three-dimensional works, most of which are made out of plastic and plexiglass, perfectly combining the art of classic sculpture with contemporary design trends. One of the artist’s latest creations titled “Multicolored Love Me,” along with his many other beautiful works, is already available at DL Fine Arts Gallery.

Fine Art Shippers highly recommends DL Fine Arts Gallery and works by the amazing Stathis Alexopoulos in particular!