Nazi Treasure Train with Lost Masterpieces Found in Poland: True or Not?

Could two treasure hunters find the legendary Nazi train full of gold and world masterpieces that disappeared 70 years ago? Now it is a question of paramount importance for the city of Walbrzych located in the Owl Mountains in the southwest of Poland. So, Nazi treasure train… truth or not? It sounds unlikely, but not impossible!

The train supposedly went missing in 1945 at the end of the Second World War, when the Soviet Union’s Red Army entered Nazi Germany. It allegedly left Wroclaw that for that time was a part of Germany in the direction of Walbrzych, but did not reach the destination. Local legend has it that it went into the tunnel near the Ksiaz Castle, the Pearl of Lower Silesia, and did not appear from the outside. Now the two men, a German and a Pole, have claimed to found a 150-meter train with Nazi treasure valued at about $130 million. Moreover, the Polish media have estimated that such a train can accommodate up to 300 tons of gold!

Treasure hunters gave a message about their discovery to the officials through a local law firm. However, for the exact information about the treasure, they require 10% of its value. It is assumed that the ghost train is located in one of the many railway tunnels dug during the Second World War near Walbrzych, next to the border with the Czech Republic. Anyway, before giving any guarantees, the authorities should ensure that the train truly exists and learn more about its precious cargo. However, the local historian Joanna Lamparska considers this story baseless. The reason is that many people have already tried to find this train damaging railway tracks in the process. Nevertheless, the legend has firmly captured the imagination! So, if the message about the treasure train is confirmed, it will put an end to the decades-old rumors existing in this area.

It is worth noting that trains were indeed used to return Nazi loot back to Berlin. For example, the Nazis sent the so-called “Hungarian Gold Train” consisted of 42 carriages from Budapest to Germany. It was filled with family jewelry including gold, silver, and paintings confiscated from Hungarian Jews. According to some estimates, the cost of the loot reached $200 million. That train was intercepted by American soldiers who, by the way, managed to pocket some of the great treasures. In general, during World War II, the Nazis exported a huge number of artworks from occupied countries. Moreover, they barbarously transported and stored them in the wrong places, where the humidity and temperature destroyed many of the ancient paintings. Afterward, the restorers had to use the whole arsenal of different techniques to save world masterpieces. In this way, we can only hope that if the legend about the Walbrzych Nazi treasure train is true, all of the precious objects that can be found there are still safe and sound.