Moving Paintings in NYC: Top 3 Safety Rules

Works of art are highly vulnerable to damage during transportation. Unfortunately, humans are the greatest threat to art, and improper handlers moving paintings in NYC and across the globe may cause the irreparable damage to canvases and frames. Thus, to minimize the risks when moving paintings upon purchase, to or from an exhibition, or while resettling to another place, make sure to take all necessary precautions at the stage of planning and execution of transportation. The experts of Fine Art Shippers share their secrets of professional and safe handling of paintings, guaranteeing the highest level of their intactness. Use these tips when moving paintings in NYC on your own or share them with your mover to ensure proper packing of your artwork and avoid the undesirable consequences of unprofessional service.

Pre-Transportation Examination of the Painting

As soon as you plan moving of paintings in NYC, make sure to conduct thorough pre-transportation evaluation of each item. Things to pay attention to include presence of flaking paint, stability and structural security of the frame. In case of the painting’s horizontal storage and transportation, you need to be sure that the shipping company provides enough handlers for its moving in the same position to the prepared location. For paintings transported on stretchers, you need to check the security of all keys.

Careful Planning of Logistics

The route of the painting’s transfer should be carefully planned to ensure that it is the shortest and safest one. While art owners typically think of logistics only in cases when they conduct the transportation for long distances, even moving a painting from one room to another requires planning and professional organization. First, clear the path for handlers carrying the painting by hand or moving it on a special transportation device. Avoid critical bottlenecks of the moving route such as tables, chairs, or other removable items. Coordinate the route with handlers in advance, as discussing it during the actual handling process can cause a mess.

Receiving Area Arrangements

When moving paintings in NYC galleries, auction houses, and residences, handlers often over-emphasize the moving process and neglect the item’s security in the receiving area. Large and fragile artworks require a free safe area for their installation or temporary storage. So, make sure to arrange a padded table surface able to bear the painting’s weight and to remove all extra items from it to prevent damage. It is also recommended that you ensure advanced safety by covering the surface with a layer of Mylar or polyethylene.

All these aspects, if neglected, can cause serious material and non-material losses to your collection of paintings. Don’t risk your belongings – always select high-end moving services that offer qualified, careful handling of artwork. Check the price of your moving free of charge on our website today.