Moving Art Gallery Objects: Tips for a Smooth, Safe Relocation

Moving Art Gallery Objects

The procedure of moving art gallery objects is a frequent occurrence in the world of art. The galleries rotate the exhibits due to limited physical space and change one exhibition to another once in a while. Sometimes, artworks are also sent to international fairs and shows.

So, what does the procedure of moving art gallery items entail, and how do you make it safe for the shipped objects? As with the rest of fine art objects, preparation and careful art handling is key. Here, we share the guidelines for secure and professional management of artwork.

Moving Art Gallery Objects: Tips for a Smooth, Safe Relocation

The first stage of art gallery relocation is risk assessment. You should always start with the preparatory step to ensure you’ve considered every object’s state, type, age, fragility, and handling peculiarities. Use this information to detect high-risk objects and pay special attention to their packaging and shipment to avoid financial loss.

Next, it’s time to proceed to customized, professional packaging of all items awaiting shipment. It’s better to organize these activities onsite, which means that you won’t run the risk of delivering fine art objects to the shipper’s warehouse on your non-specialized vehicle. We at Fine Art Shippers always encourage onsite packaging as an extra layer of protection for fine art.

Once the items are packaged in line with top-tier industry guidelines, they need to be carefully transported to the destination point. This stage should also be properly organized, with trained staff experienced in art handling and secure art shuttles at your disposal. These measures are the mandatory minimum of the protection you can ensure for your art gallery’s exhibits, as the moment of pick-up and transportation is the riskiest for delicate, fragile artwork items.

With these measures put in place, you can ensure a smooth and low-risk transportation process for your art gallery. However, things happen, and you should still have a contingency plan – Plan B – to secure your interests. This can be done with art insurance and an initial evaluation that documents the state of all exhibits before shipping. You can use these documents to claim compensation in cases of theft, damage, or any other accident in transit.

Entrust Your Art Gallery to Vetted Professionals

With these tips at your disposal, you won’t shiver at the thought of moving art gallery exhibits anymore. In any case, you can hire Fine Art Shippers to handle that task for you. We’re experienced in art gallery, museum, and estate moving and can manage collections of any size and scale without any quality compromises. Call us at (917) 658-5075 to learn all the details and organize a safe art gallery relocation.