Most Expensive Banksy Artwork

You will hardly find a more famous graffiti artist than Banksy. This anonymous British artist whose identity remains unknown has literally changed the face of street art forever. His incredible stencil works that appear all over the world are filled with political commentary and dark humor, which makes them not only easily recognizable but also highly important and almost necessary for modern society. Banksy is a phenomenon, and his bold, satirical art is indeed unique in many ways, from the method of graffiti painting to ideas that most people do not have the guts to share. It is no wonder that Banksy art is expensive… very expensive, in fact. His works are now estimated at hundreds and millions of dollars, which was hard to imagine not too long ago. But do you know what the most expensive Banksy artwork to date is?

There are many valuable murals, paintings, and other artworks by Banksy, which set records at auctions worldwide. However, the most expensive work to date is “Keep It Spotless,” which was sold at Sotheby’s New York Charity Auction in 2008 for a staggering $1.87 million while being estimated at only $250,000 – 350,000. The most interesting thing about this record-breaking piece executed in household gloss and spray paint on canvas is that it is actually the work by another famous contemporary artist Damien Hirst, which was defaced by Banksy in 2007. It depicts Leanne, a Los Angeles hotel maid, who is pulling up Hirst’s painting to sweep away some dust under it.

It is also worth noting that a similar depiction of Leanne was also painted by Banksy on the wall of the renowned White Cube Gallery, one of the leading contemporary art galleries in the world, located in London. Unfortunately, this mural titled “Sweep It Under The Carpet” was soon destroyed.