Modern & Post-War Art at Galerie Gmurzynska

Switzerland is mostly known for its banks, luxury watches, and penknives. However, it is also an important art center, with so many great galleries and museums in almost any city and town. Our small team of the art packing and shipping specialists was lucky to visit this beautiful country last month, and we were very impressed by all those art masterpieces we saw during the trip. Plus, as a professional fine art shipping company, Fine Art Shippers spent several days at Art Basel where we helped our clients move and install various artworks. Besides, our team of the art packing and shipping experts did not miss a chance to get acquainted with the world’s most prominent galleries participating in the show, including the well-known Galerie Gmurzynska.

Galerie Gmurzynska

Initially founded in Cologne, Germany in 1965, Galerie Gmurzynska is now one of the world’s leading galleries specializing in Classic Modern and Post-War Art with the focus on early 20th Century Abstraction and Russian Avant-Garde. For today, it features four gorgeous spaces in Switzerland (two in Zurich, Zug, and St. Moritz) and also a beautiful space in New York, each offering some of the best pieces of modern and contemporary art. For instance, the gallery’s collection includes works by such prominent artists as Pablo Picasso, Kazimir Malevich, Mikhail Larionov, Karl Lagerfeld, Zaha Hadid, and Robert Indiana.

Our team of the art packing and shipping specialists enjoyed the superb Art Basel show and our visit to Galerie Gmurzynska in particular. Amazing gallery! Amazing art! Highly recommended!