Mixed Media Art Insurance: An Investment in the Safety of Your Art

Mixed Media Art Insurance An Investment in the Safety of Your Art

The modern art market is full of pieces that can blow even the most creative imaginations. Artists nowadays rarely stick to only one medium or art form, choosing a more multi-disciplinary approach instead. As someone who loves art in all its forms, you are probably aware of these trends and have already considered adding mixed media art to your collection. However, there is an issue that needs to be addressed before purchasing any sort of artwork, and that is insurance. Let’s talk about mixed media art insurance and why going to great lengths to protect your valuables is always worth it.

What Is So Different About Mixed Media Art Insurance?

Art insurance is a special type of insurance, which covers the possibility of your precious collectibles getting damaged or lost. It is a necessary step in protecting your valuables, and both art collectors and art-related service providers should always remember that.

If you have ever dealt with art insurance, you know that not all insurance plans cover all kinds of artwork. For example, some do not include glass-based pieces due to their extreme fragility. Getting mixed media art insurance might be complicated for similar reasons: only some materials used in the creation of a work of art might be covered by your insurer, but not others. That is why it is sometimes required to get a comprehensive list of materials used in your newly purchased piece. Fortunately, finding insurance that protects mixed media artwork is relatively easy nowadays, as all service providers are aware of the diversity of the current art market.

But why even insure your mixed media art? Well, for the same reason, you would insure anything of value that you own. However, when it comes to works of art, another factor comes into play. The fact that artwork is fragile is a given. However, mixed media art might be even more delicate because it often contains materials that are perishable or require special conservation conditions. The more complex a work of art is structurally, the more difficult it is to take care of it. Luckily, professional artwork insurance service providers can do that for you.

Even though mixed media art insurance can be complicated to figure out, you can manage it with the help of a reliable insurance or art shipping company. Do not let your concerns from purchasing a piece that truly speaks to your heart. Instead, let your love for art encourage you to take good care of it.