Kenyan Orphans Create Animal Sculptures to Save the Ocean

Ocean pollution is one of the most growing problems in today’s world. A complex mix of various chemicals, fertilizers, petroleum, industrial and urban wastes, plastics, and toxic metals harms not only marine life but also humanity. Did you know that ocean pollution is most highly concentrated near the coasts of middle- and low-income countries? The situation is actually much more serious than you would probably think. To raise awareness of ocean pollution, Kenyan orphans, under the guidance of conservation artists from Save the Environment Art and Save the Ocean Art, create life-size animal sculptures from flip-flops found on the beaches.

Colorful Animal Sculptures Created by Kenyan Orphans

Trained by skilled artists, a talented team of Kenyan orphaned workers is turning plastic flip-flops into colorful life-size animal sculptures to save the ocean and raise awareness of the problem of waste pollution. Flip-flops are collected from the shores of the Kenyan coast, cleaned, and then transformed into beautiful artworks depicting seahorses, tortoises, octopuses, sharks, dolphins, and other living things. It takes about four weeks and requires great care and love to create one such sculpture from plastic trash.

Kenyan Orphans Create Animal Sculptures to Save the Ocean

All sculptures are entirely hand-made by unemployed Kenyan orphans from underprivileged areas of Nairobi, for whom this is not only the way to save the ocean but also the way to sustain themselves and their families. Their incredible animal sculptures have loyal fans around the world, but, unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the project, forcing the artists to stay at home without income. Mary Waimatha from Save the Ocean Art believes that by raising awareness of this important environmental initiative, they will be able to attract new customers to support Kenyan artists and begin work again.

Kenyan Orphans Create Animal Sculptures to Save the Ocean

You can also support the project by sharing the information about it or even buying a piece for your own art collection!

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