Jim’s of Lambertville: Pennsylvania Modernist and Impressionist Art

At Fine Art Shippers, we proudly work with many fine art galleries located in New Jersey, shipping fine art for them and their clients across the United States and internationally. Just like an original piece of art, each gallery is unique in its concept, with something for any taste. If you want to acquire high-quality art in New Jersey, you have plenty of options to choose from. However, if you are in Lambertville, let us recommend the amazing Jim’s of Lambertville Gallery that is known throughout the country for its outstanding selection of Pennsylvania Modernist and Impressionist paintings.

Jim’s of Lambertville

Jim’s of Lambertville is an exceptional fine art gallery founded by Jim Alterman who is also the owner of Ashley John Gallery in Palm Beach, FL, and a wholesale jewelry business in NYC. Jim’s of Lambertville specializes in Pennsylvania Modernist and Impressionist paintings, offering approximately 400 works by the most prominent artists, including Edward Redfield, Harry Leith-Ross, John Folinsbee, Daniel Garber, Fern Coppedge, and William Langson Lathrop.

In addition to the amazing selection of Pennsylvania Modernist and Impressionist paintings, Jim’s of Lambertville is also a perfect place to acquire European and American art of the 18th – 20th centuries, works on paper, lithographs, engraving, etchings, and also quality antiques from around the world. Besides, this art gallery has a section devoted to high-quality custom frames, many of which were made for the New Hope School paintings. Once you are in Lambertville, you should definitely visit Jim’s of Lambertville! Very recommended by Fine Art Shippers!