Items That Only Fine Art Relocation Professionals Should Handle

Items That Only Fine Art Relocation Professionals Should Handle

Fine art relocation is an extremely useful service not only for people involved in the art world but also for those who are moving home and need help with the transportation of valuables. Of course, not every situation requires professional fine art moving services, but some extra attention and care would never hurt. There are, however, some items that should always be handled by professional art movers. Fine art pieces like paintings and sculptures are obviously on that list, but that is not all that art moving companies specialize in.

Items That Only Fine Art Relocation Professionals Should Handle

Musical instruments

Not only are musical instruments expensive, but they are also extremely delicate. Unlike furniture pieces or artworks, they are not meant to simply sit in one place and be looked at. Instruments are often comprised of many different parts, and accidentally damaging even one of them might render the entire instrument unplayable. For this reason, packing and moving musical instruments, as well as other breakable items, should always be performed by fine art relocation experts.

Designer furniture

All furniture has to be treated gently when transported, but designer furniture requires a slightly different level of care. While you can safely entrust your less expensive furniture to regular movers, exclusive designer pieces should only be handled by luxury movers to mitigate the risks. Expensive one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture often have unusual designs, which makes them more challenging to handle. Items like these require a serious skillset and a lot of experience from movers.

Vintage items and antiques

Fine art relocation companies regularly handle antique items. But why do experienced collectors entrust their valuables to professionals only? The reason is simple: old, expensive, and rare items are often impossible to repair or replace in case something happens to them in transit. Plus, vintage pieces and antiques get progressively more fragile with age, so the chance of them breaking during transportation is very high.

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