Is Art Crating in NYC Worth the Money? Here Is What Experts Think

Is Art Crating in NYC Worth the Money Here Is What Experts Think

If you know, at least, a little bit about the fine art transportation process, you have probably heard of art crating. Art handlers love this packaging method, and there is a good reason for that. After all, nothing is more secure than a wooden crate designed specifically to accommodate your unique valuables. But it is no secret that this packaging option is not the cheapest, especially if you are working with service providers in New York where prices can be high. So, is art crating in NYC worth the money? Let’s dive into this question together.

Is Art Crating in NYC Worth the Money?

So, you have decided to crate your artwork for transportation. You start looking for reliable art logistics companies and researching costs. You will immediately find that art crating in NYC can be pricey. But you have to remember that the price of the service reflects the complexity and amount of work and materials that go into making a crate from scratch.

First, all art crates are custom-made. This automatically means that it will be more expensive than any packaging you can get ready-made. Anything custom always costs more because it requires additional work. While some art can be transported in regular cardboard boxes, some items require an individualized approach, which commonly entails building a wooden crate according to the measurements of the specific piece and adjusting its construction to provide optimal protection. For example, museum crates, the most secure and, consequently, the most expensive type of crate, are used to ship high-value artwork for reputable institutions and exclusive clients.

Art Crating in NYC

But why else is hiring art crating services in NYC a good idea? Well, if you live in the New York area, you will most likely need a company that can quickly come to your location and provide its services swiftly. When you enlist the help of New York-based professional art handlers, they can come to your location and build a crate onsite, provided you have enough space for them to do so. That is incredibly useful, especially when your items are fragile and must not be moved without protection. In short, you are also paying for efficiency.

Finally, when investing in an art crate, you are paying for the experience of the people who perform it. You can rest assured that the quality of art crating in NYC, the center of the global art industry, will be up to your standards.