Interactive Webinar on Art Logistics with Ilya Kushnirskiy

Interactive Webinar on Art Logistics

Ilya Kushnirskiy, Co-Founder of Fine Art Shippers, will participate in the interactive webinar on art logistics, which will be held today, May 21. The webinar is organized by ARTinvestment.RU, a reputable online platform for art business professionals, collectors, artists, and all those who love and appreciate Russian art. The webinar is designed to support the art community during the difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Interactive Webinar on Art Logistics 

The upcoming interactive webinar that is officially titled “Art logistics today: safety in transportation and storage of art” will give answers to many important questions that the art community faces during the coronavirus crisis. How safe are the transportation and storage of art today? What can private collectors do when faced with the inability to return their works from the exhibitions abroad, rent them out, etc. due to the closure of the museums and galleries? How to minimize losses and ensure the safety of the art collection? What are the realities of art logistics, and how will this industry look like if the entire world of art moves online? You can get answers to these and many other questions if you join the webinar today at 8pm-10pm (Moscow time).

The webinar will be hosted by the Head of ARTinvestment.RU Egor Molchanov, who will discuss the current situation in the art logistics industry with the Chief-Editor of ARTinvestment.RU Denis Belkevich and Co-Founder of Fine Art Shippers Ilya Kushnirskiy. It is not for the first time that Ilya Kushnirskiy takes part in a live webinar dedicated to art logistics. Earlier this month, he participated in “Industry 1:1: How Auctions and Art Sales Need to Adapt” webinar that was part of Observer’s Business of Art Webinars.

The upcoming interactive webinar on art logistics is free and can be joined by anyone here.