Impressive Contemporary Sculptures by Denis Prasolov

Shipping sculpture is always an exciting experience. At Fine Art Shippers, we have been handling, moving, and installing sculptures of any kind and medium since 1995, and each time, this work is such an incredible opportunity to learn something new about this beautiful form of art. Whether it comes to antique terracotta masterpieces or large-scale metal artworks by contemporary artists, shipping sculpture is our specialty, and we are always ready to deal with even the most complicated shipments. Besides, at Fine Art Shippers, we never miss a chance to get acquainted with the work of talented sculptors like Denis Prasolov. This past December, we were lucky to see his impressive First Crew project presented by SIBERIA Gallery at SCOPE Miami Beach 2018.

Denis Prasolov

Denis Prasolov is a Ukrainian-born contemporary artist living and working in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Combining personal memories with mass culture tales, he creates really astonishing artworks made of plastics and innovative materials mixed with traditional technologies. At Fine Art Shippers, we were especially impressed by Denis Prasolov’s thought-provoking sculptures from the First Crew series dedicated to animals that died during the first spaceflights launched by the Soviet Union in the mid-20th century. Besides, the artist has very interesting artworks in his Grey Goo, Polar Expedition, and certainly Pseudoscience series dedicated to Cryptozoology.

Shipping sculpture by Denis Prasolov would be another amazing experience for Fine Art Shippers. Hopefully, we will have a chance to work with this talented artist in the future!