How to Spot the Best Shipping Company for Fragile Items?

How to Spot the Best Shipping Company for Fragile Items?

Shipping fragile artwork is always an extra challenge for its owner, as there is no space for guesswork or error in the process. Even the slightest pressure or bump can ruin the art object, which you should avoid at all costs. Therefore, you need to find the best shipping company for fragile items to guarantee that your art arrives at the new location without risks. Here, we cover the main points for finding a reliable shipping service provider to shorten your search time.

Signs of the Best Shipping Company for Fragile Items

There are a couple of pointers that suggest the company’s genuine expertise in the area of fragile item shipping.

Narrow Specialization

You should always inquire about the company’s expertise in shipping and handling fragile items. Many shipping providers are jacks of all trades, meaning they can handle any type of art. However, fragile objects require special training of staff and special treatment at every transportation stage. Thus, only a team with hands-on experience in this area can ensure fully safe deliveries.

Insurance and Guarantees

There is a special type of insurance for fragile items, and your provider should have it or help you get one for the shipment. The company should also have a clearly defined damage policy that explains how the provider handles damages if they happen during transit. This way, you will understand the scope of the company’s responsibility in any scenario.

Specialized Packaging

The company that ships fragile items should use only professional-grade packaging materials carefully selected for the type of collectible you’re shipping. They should be able to conduct on-site packaging to pick up your items at your location and handle them safely throughout the whole transportation route.

Solid Reputation

We also recommend reviewing the company’s recommendations, references, and online reviews to get a clear idea of its reputation among customers. Due diligence is always necessary if you want your fragile art to arrive at its destination safely.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Here you go with the main criteria distinguishing the best shipping company for fragile items from the rest of the service providers. Besides these aspects, you need to check the cost-benefit ratio, as some companies charge too much for their services or include some hidden fees in the contract. One more important indicator of service quality is good communication. The company should answer your questions and provide updates all along the way. With these tips, you’re sure to find the right shipping partner much quicker.