The Essentials of Fragile Pack Shipping: Safety Is Key

The Essentials of Fragile Pack Shipping: Safety Is Key

You may have a fragile vase that you want to present to your mother for the upcoming Christmas, or maybe your antique sculpture should travel to an international fair next month. In any of these cases, you should consider fragile pack shipping as a professional delivery service for delicate art. What does this service entail? What added protection can it give to your property? Here is a sneak peek into the workings of art shipping companies to help you understand the value of this decision.

What Treatment Do Fragile Items Need During Transit?

It goes without saying that “fragile” means “easy to break.” In other words, your fragile art and antiques are highly vulnerable to damage, and even a slight, careless move can cause you to lose the rare, exquisite artwork once and for all.

If you’re not ready to take such chances with the transportation of fragile objects, the fragile pack shipping service may help you out. We at Fine Art Shippers organize the entire process with due care for the safety and intactness of objects entrusted to us, so the process usually goes as follows.

  • Our art handlers arrive at your location to produce the object’s evaluation.
  • Once we understand its condition and degree of fragility, we perform its professional packaging with durable, sustainable, and acid-free materials. It’s done with proper care for the protection of your belongings and the environment.
  • Professionally trained, careful art movers deliver your fragile objects to their destination by the local or interstate art shuttle. The items are firmly fixed inside the vehicle so that no extra movement causes scratches or chips on the artwork’s surface.
  • The package is securely unpacked at the destination point and inspected for the absence of new signs of wear and tear, which could have appeared in the transportation process.

Need a Fragile Pack Shipping Service? Hire Fine Art Shippers

As soon as it comes to fragile pack shipping, Fine Art Shippers knows everything about it. We’ve been operating in the art shipping industry for almost three decades, so we really know what it takes to deliver a fragile object from point A to point B without risks. Contact us and book a seat for your precious possessions in our art shuttle running across the United States, and their intactness and safety will be guaranteed.