Are You Choosing the Best Shipping Company for Fragile Items?

Are You Choosing the Best Shipping Company for Fragile Items

When approaching the transportation of fragile objects, you can take several different routes. Seasoned art collectors and fine art specialists recommend that you go with professional fine art shipping companies. Even if the items you are looking to transport do not classify as fine art, you can still benefit from the care and expertise of expert art handlers. To guide you through the process of choosing the best shipping company for fragile items, we have compiled a list of questions you should ask before making a definitive decision.

Are You Choosing the Best Shipping Company for Fragile Items?

Is the company reliable?

Reliability is a major characteristic you must always look for in any service. While this concept is rather vague, there are trusted ways to check if your shippers are reliable. First, you should check the reviews the company’s customers left online. Reading testimonials can help you see if the company has worked with reputable private clients or institutions before. A tail-tell sign that a company can be trusted is the time it has been around for. Industry veterans are always a good option to go with.

What will the shipping route of your valuables look like?

The longer the transportation route of your valuables is, the higher the risks get. One of the pros of shipping with professional art logistics companies is that they often have specific transportation routes. For example, Fine Art Shippers has specialized art shuttles to a variety of US cities. However, when it comes to international shipping, you might have to find out the precise details of the route. The further the delivery destination, the more hands your fragile possessions will have to pass through.

What is the shipping cost?

Fine art transportation can be costly, but that is not always the case. The price of shipping your fragile package is calculated based on its size and weight, the destination of your delivery, and more. Some companies offer different shipping options at different price points. For example, a consolidated on-land art shuttle is much cheaper than a personalized art courier delivery. Compare the prices other fine art handlers offer to see if they price their services unreasonably.

By asking these simple questions, you should have no problem choosing the best shipping company for fragile items. In case you are currently looking for options, Fine Art Shippers is always here to help you out.