How to Ship Mirrors and Ensure They Arrive Safely

How to Ship Mirrors and Ensure They Arrive Safely

How to ship mirrors? This is quite an important question for many owners of fragile and expensive mirrors. A vulnerable surface is easy to scratch, not to mention cracks and chips that may appear as a result of accidents or falls. For this reason, it is crucial to learn how to pack and move a mirror properly. However, if the item is old and valuable, it is better not to risk and instead entrust the transportation process to a professional moving company.

Mirror packaging rules

Cracks, loss of gloss, and chips at the corners are often the result of improper packaging. It is better to pack a mirror in a multilayer container. Don’t forget to clean the surface so that friction does not cause scratches. Remove fittings, decorative trims, protruding edges, and frames if possible.

How to wrap large mirrors

Large mirrors require special attention and thorough preparation. Start with protecting the surface with a special blue film. Add large sheets of foam on each side of the mirror and cover it entirely with several layers of bubble wrap. Make sure that the corners are properly wrapped and protected.

The next thing to do is to prevent slippage. You need a special mirror box of the right size. Place the item inside and fill in the empty space with bubble wrap or soft cloth. The mirror should not move inside the box. Finally, seal the box and attach the “Fragile” label so that everyone knows that this box requires careful handling.

How to ship mirrors safely?

Fragile items do not withstand excessive vibration, improper loading, and incorrect fastening. So how to ship mirrors safely? Keep in mind the following rules.

  • Organize a platform that you can use to lift a heavy mirror smoothly, without shocks.
  • Always transport mirrors in their vertical position. If you ship a mirror flat, the chances are high that a bump or shaking will lead to a crack on its surface.
  • Place a sheet of foam on the floor of the truck body and place your mirror on it. Secure the mirror with special straps to ensure it doesn’t move in transit.

Now that you know how to ship mirrors safely, you can transport your valuables without problems. However, if you need professional help, be sure to contact Fine Art Shippers. We will deliver your mirrors in their perfect condition.