How to Prepare for Piano Moving?

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Piano moving is indeed a challenging task. However, it can be a little bit easier if you prepare for it beforehand, especially when it comes to interstate and long-distance transportation. Moreover, let’s not forget that any piano is an investment, no matter whether it comes to the antique concert grand piano or a modern one. Therefore, its relocation has to be done with extreme care. So if you want to avoid troubles, protect your possessions from damage, and save your money – you definitely need to prepare for piano moving!

Any piano is a very sensitive instrument. This is the main reason why it is crucial to keep it safe during local or international transportation. Unfortunately, many people skimp on proper packing or just forget about such an important step of furniture moving. As a result, the piano can be damaged, out of tune, or have serious problems that may cost hundreds of dollars to repair. Do you need that? Definitely not! So think about all possible consequences in advance and carefully prepare your piano for transportation!

Hire professional piano movers

This is the first thing you should do once you decide to move your piano. It is strongly recommended that you find a reliable moving company before starting any preparations. The fact is that professional piano movers can give you good advice on how to properly prepare your particular piano for transportation, especially when it comes to the antique one. Moreover, at Fine Art Shippers, we can not only help you with useful tips but also do all this painstaking work instead of you. With years of experience in fine art, furniture, and piano moving, we have enough knowledge to fulfill this task safely and efficiently.

Protect your piano from scratches

If you think you don’t need professional packing services, you still have to protect your piano from any damage. Therefore, before you begin the process of moving, wrap your piano with clean blankets or another padding. This will protect it from dust and possible scratches during the move.

Think about the path beforehand

Before moving the piano, you should think about all possible paths in order to find the best one. Moreover, make sure that there are no obstacles along the chosen way that may endanger the safety of the whole moving process. Having a crystal clear strategy of how exactly you are going to move your piano will save much time and protect your piano at the same time.

Even though you can make some preparations yourself, don’t even think about moving the piano on your own. It is a very difficult and dangerous undertaking that requires certain knowledge and skills. Always order professional piano moving services to protect yourself, your possessions, and your home as well. If you have any questions, please contact Fine Art Shippers for help!