How to Pack Framed Art for Storage at Home: Tips from Professionals

How to Pack Framed Art for Storage at Home Tips from Professionals

Using the proper techniques and materials for packing art for storage is just as important as preparing it for transportation. Just because the artwork is kept in a closed-off storage room does not mean that it does not need protection. Today, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to pack framed art for storage in an at-home setting.

How to Pack Framed Art for Storage at Home: Tips from Professionals

Reinforce the glass

When it comes to framed artwork, glass reinforcement is a crucial step you cannot skip. When framed paintings or prints come in contact with each other, they put pressure on the glass installed in the frame. To prevent that from happening, use mirror tape to make an X shape on its surface. This will help hold the pieces of the broken glass in case of emergency, protecting your artwork and your hands from shards.

Protect the corners

Corners are the most fragile parts of any work of art. The edges of a picture frame need just as much attention. To maintain the structural integrity of the glass frame, put cardboard or foam corner protectors over the edges.

Wrap your framed artwork

Packing art for storage does not require the same amount of layers as packing for transportation. That being said, the supplies you chose for framed art packaging should be of great quality. We recommend wrapping your pieces in breathable materials that allow air to circulate freely. That will prevent condensation from gathering on the glass of your framed artwork and mold from growing. Use soft materials to provide a cushioning effect and protect glass from scratching.

Store art pieces vertically

Once you have prepared your framed artwork for storage, put it vertically in boxes or crates. Never store framed pieces on top of each other because they might not withstand the pressure. Besides, never leave your art near walls or on the floor for too long, as these surfaces can absorb moisture.

With these tips from professional art handlers, the answer to the question of how to pack framed art for storage at home should be a little clearer to you. If you want expert art packers to lend you a hand, do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers.