How to Ensure Nothing Is Damaged During a Move

One of the critical issues that many people fear is winding up at a new location with broken or damaged stuff. Whether you’ve hired experts to move you out, or you’re moving by yourself, this fear is real. The best way to keep things from damage is to keep them out of harm’s way. Preventing damage to your property should be the first thing on your mind if you’re planning to move out. Before packing anything, make an inventory of your items.

How to Ensure Nothing Is Damaged During a Move

It would help if you considered some of your fragile things and how you’re going to pack them. Are you moving and aren’t sure how to do it? We’ve prepared tips on how you can protect your items during a move-out.

1. Make a List

If you don’t make a detailed inventory list, it’s challenging to ascertain if something is damaged or lost. It would help if you made a list of everything when you’re packing. According to home movers’ experts from Durham moving company, you can also take a photo of each item, which is more efficient than making a list. If you’ve hired professionals to move you out, you can cross-check their list with yours.

Ensure that you comprehend any abbreviations they’ve used to denote certain items. If any of your stuff is damaged, you can use this list as an unbiased third party. This will make it easier to track who is liable for any damages done to your items.

2. Use Padding

If you have fragile items, we would highly recommend using padding during packaging. This doesn’t mean that you should pad every item. Things like your glassware, electronics, or mementos could easily get damaged if they aren’t padded well enough; this might cost you plenty of money rebuying the same items. Additionally, you can use bubble wrap, blankets, old newspaper, or towels to wrap your valuables before they are packed in a box. If there’s space left between the box’s lid and your content, you can add more material.

3. Measure the Openings

While everything may fit your old home correctly, this might not be the same case with your new place. Many renters are tempted to move out quickly without realizing that it could lead to significant damages. Before proceeding with any item, ensure to measure your large equipment like your furniture or fridge. Additionally, ensure that you measure the door frames. This will help to decide whether any of your items require to be taken apart. If necessary, ensure that all the bolts and screws are kept together in a sealed plastic bag or container. Remember to label your box or bag for differentiation purposes as well.

How to Ensure Nothing Is Damaged During a Move

4. Use Tape

If you’re using padding in your packaging, it’s of little use if it’s not well taped. After wrapping your items with your preferred material, tape the outer padding carefully to avoid slipping off. Ensure that your tape doesn’t come into direct contact with your item. It might peel off paint or leave your item with unnecessary marks.

When moving out, you can use plenty of ideas to keep your items safe; we have discussed some of them up above. Remember, your safety also matters when you’re moving things. Avoid turning sharp corners without a guide, especially if you’re carrying a large item. Finally, remember to dress for the occasion. Go for a tracksuit and a comfortable pair of closed-up shoes.