How to Choose an Apartment with a Sea View in Dubai

How to Choose an Apartment with a Sea View in Dubai

In this blog post, you will find everything you need to know about buying an apartment with a sea view in Dubai. Keep reading!

Several important factors must be considered if you want to buy sea view apartments in Dubai to bring only positive impressions (especially when buying a home near the water). These include:

1. Current movement. Ideally, the house should be where water is always renewed. To avoid stagnant phenomena, the water should not be stagnant but flow freely along the coast all year round. So you can always enjoy the freshness of the sea breeze and the transparency of the waters.

2. Availability of a private beach. On Palm Jumeirah, you don’t have to worry about this. Most villas scattered across the “leaves” have access to a private beach, where only the owners of a particular property can be. In Dubai Marina, high-end residential complexes also have a private beach that only their residents can access. But there are locations where the beaches can be quite noisy due to a large number of tourists.

3. When choosing a home, it is important to consider which side concerning the sun it is located. For a comfortable stay in the house, the illumination of the object should correspond to your daily routine.

Apartments by the sea in Dubai for investment

Investing in new buildings in Dubai is profitable for many reasons:

  • Attractive housing prices. You can buy an apartment by the sea in Dubai based on your budget. The fact is that the emirate’s housing stock is quite affordable compared to the cost of housing in European resorts.
  • High profitability ratio. You can buy an apartment online, which will bring from 5% to 8% of the profit when renting out. It all depends on the area of ​​location and the degree of the object’s comfort. Not only are studio apartments in demand, but they are also spacious houses.
  • Another reason for investment in apartments by the sea is the absence of taxes. The income of individuals in the UAE is not subject to taxation, which allows you to receive income in its purest form.
  • It remains only to decide on a strategy for generating income. It may not only be a purchase to save money or a subsequent rental. The acquisition of the off-plan projects for their resale is no less profitable after the house is put into operation. In this case, you can get from 20 to 30% of the profit due to the capitalization of the cost.

Purchasing real estate is a method to get a resident visa

You can only rely on it if you purchase costly accommodation that is, at least, AED 1 million (a little less than USD 300,000). Buying luxury accommodation presents you with the privilege to live freely in Dubai for 3 years. You can unfold the resident visa as long as you like. The principal item is to continue owning real estate and not breaking the UAE’s laws. If you desire to be employed in the Emirates, you must obtain an extra work permit from your employer. If the housing is registered for a man, then his wife and minor children are given the right to live in Dubai on his residence visa. There is also a possibility to register real estate for a woman, but in this case, the family’s mother won’t be able to sponsor her husband and children.

Purchasing real estate in the UAE

According to the laws of the UAE, all real estate trades, including the acquisition and sale of land, cannot be taken out without the participation of mediators. The primary market is served by licensed companies that leave their details in the contract. Be sure to check the license of the firm that sells the property in Dubai and ensure the deal is permitted. If you are purchasing accommodation or land on the secondary market, study with the realtor if the contract contains data on the primary cost of the object you are interested in and the intermediary who dealt with this transaction. Many real estate firms work in Dubai; be guided by reviews to choose the best one.

How to buy an apartment by the sea in Dubai

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