How Should I Protect My Rat Pack Artwork?

Do you have any printed Rat Pack artwork you would like to preserve as a reminder? If you do, then pay attention to how you take care of it. The reason is that the way you maintain your printed artwork will determine how long it will serve you. In the remaining portions of our post, our fine art shipping experts will share out tips on how you should maintain yours to prolong its life.

Protect It from Light

The first thing you need to do to enable your Rat Pack artwork to last longer is keeping it away from excessive exposure to light. You should keep the art pieces away from natural and artificial light because both of them have similar chemical properties that weaken the luster of the artwork. The only time you should allow them to interact with light is when you are displaying them for viewing or packing your fine art in styrofoam for transportation.

Don’t Expose It to Humidity

Another way of securing your printed artwork is keeping it safe from humidity. It is beneficial to avoid humidity because it will cause your art pieces to mold and fox. When foxing takes place, the pieces will develop brownish spots that dent their beauty. Therefore, don’t store them in the basement since it also exposes your artwork to silverfish, which can also damage them.

Keep It Away from Heat

Keeping your rat pack artwork away from heat is another way of prolonging its life. You can protect it from heat especially during the cold winter months when heating is on. Otherwise, don’t be surprised when you find that your artwork is damaged because its paper has become brittle and lost its strength and ability to hold color. Moreover, excessive heat will cause the artwork to expand and contract, losing its holding power.

Beware of Pollutants

Do you want to maintain your Rat Pack artwork for long? Then you should be wary of pollutants. Protect your pieces against substances such as acids, sweat, dust, and dirt. When your artwork is exposed to such pollutants, then it is bound to end up being bleached and discolored.

Pack It Well

The last way of protecting your artwork is by packing it safely in preparation for transportation services.

With these tips, we believe you will become a better custodian of your printed artwork. Make sure you take care of all precautions to see your piece of artwork intact.