Framed Art Shipping Boxes & Other Supplies from Masterpak

It is needless to say that high-quality packing supplies are a must-have, no matter whether you are shipping a painting or any other piece of art. After all, only if the artwork is properly packed using the right materials, it will arrive at the destination in perfect condition. Moreover, in most cases, you will need to crate it in a custom-built wooden crate made to the item’s exact dimensions and in full accordance with its shipping requirements. At Fine Art Shippers, we can help you with that! You will love our art packing and crating services, and you will definitely enjoy our prices and individual approach to every client! However, if you are going to pack your artwork yourself, let us recommend Masterpak that has long been a go-to place for framed art shipping boxes and other art packaging supplies!


Masterpak is a New York City-based company offering a variety of archival and unique materials for the shipping, packing, displaying, and storing of fine art, antiques, artifacts, and other valuables. These include framed art shipping boxes, glassine paper, archival tissues, special foam, packing tape, softwrap, corrugated multi-use board, art crating hardware, storage tubes, pedestals, book stands, and more. You can actually find there any art packing and shipping materials you need, all of the highest quality and all available at very reasonable prices.

Masterpak is indeed one of the best places in the New York metro area to come for framed art shipping boxes and other supplies. Very recommended by Fine Art Shippers!