Fragile Freight Handling: Our Premium-Level Wine Delivery Service

Fragile Freight Handling Our Premium Level Wine Delivery Service

Any collectible is an object of exceptional value associated with its rarity and exclusivity. That’s why these items are treated as fragile freight in most cases when they need to be shipped elsewhere.

The same goes for collectible wine, with some old, rare bottles treated equally with fine art or antiques and requiring proper handling during transportation. Here is a brief guide on managing collectible wine during transit and the services you can use at Fine Art Shippers to ensure the safe shipment of your purchase.

Why Is Collectible Wine Regarded as Fragile Freight?

Old wine is highly vulnerable to the impact of sunlight, changes in storage conditions, and physical shocks, so getting your new acquisition from the seller may turn into a real challenge with numerous risks. Most exclusive wine bottles of high value are stored in specially equipped cellars, where they enjoy a stable environment carefully customized to their type and age. That’s why transportation may be highly damaging, and your fragile freight shipper’s main task is to guarantee stable conditions for the wine bottle throughout its entire route.

Rules of Managing Fragile Collectibles

Let’s go through the most important rules for managing collectible wine in transportation:

  • You should inspect the bottle and get the photo or video proof of its original condition before transit. It also makes sense to insure the shipped wine collection and evaluate its commercial value.
  • You need to find out the storage conditions of the purchased wine. If it was stored upside down to keep the cork wet, the shipping process should follow the same principle – the bottle should be packaged for upside-down transportation or placed on its side. If the bottle was stored as usual – vertically – its positioning should also be upright to avoid leakage.
  • The shipper should use special wine delivery boxes with enhanced protection from movement and added cushioning to protect bottles from cracking.
  • Each wine bottle should be packed individually, with inside dividers used for several bottles in one box. Each section should be cushioned with bubble wrap so that no bottle moves inside during the transit.

We Can Manage Your Fragile Valuables’ Delivery with Due Care

The good news for all cautious wine collectors concerned about the proper condition of their fragile freight delivery to the point of destination is that Fine Art Shippers can organize the process from start to finish. We have almost three decades of experience in collectible and antique art handling, so our staff will manage your exclusive wine with proper safety and delicacy principles in mind. Delegate this procedure to our experts to get your new items safe and sound.