Five Essential Services Provided by Art Storage Companies

Five Essential Services Provided by Art Storage Companies

The art industry does not solely consist of artists, galleries, museums, and collectors. There are a lot of parties that make sure everything functions the way it is supposed to, but they are not always visible to art lovers. For example, art logistics companies play a huge role in making exhibitions happen because they are the ones transporting and installing artworks. Besides, museums and galleries need to put their pieces away for the time being after the exhibition is over. Most big institutions have their own storage space, but some choose to rent storage units. This is where art storage companies come in. But what makes them so different from, let’s say, a house basement or any other regular storage space?

Five Essential Services Provided by Art Storage Companies

Art storage companies are not just your typical storage facilities. They offer spaces designed specifically to hold artworks and antiques. Here are the five main services you can get when working with an art storage company.

Storage space

The first and most obvious thing is additional storage space. You might benefit from renting a unit from an art storage company, especially if you are a private collector with a sizable collection.


Of course, no one will trust art storage companies with their valuables if their facilities are not properly protected from intruders. Art storages are guarded 24/7 and have state-of-the-art security systems installed, so you do not have to worry about your collection having unauthorized visitors.


Keeping your growing collection at your place can be difficult and energy-consuming. Using a professional art storage facility takes this weight off your shoulders. They are equipped with technology that keeps the temperature and humidity levels stable at all times, which helps reduce the risks of damaging delicate pieces.


Transportation is another valuable service art storage companies provide. Art storage units are often used to hold entire collections of fine art and antiques, which means that clients might need help moving them to the facility.


All artworks and antiques have to be carefully prepared before being transported and stored. Layers of protective materials keep fragile items protected from things like dust and direct sunlight. An art storage company is supposed to either provide packing and crating services or make sure all of the items they are storing are packed or crated according to the guidelines.

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