Fine Arts Shipping Process: Peter Keil’s Paintings and Peanut Gallery

Being professional shippers of fine art is not only our job – it is our passion and also an excellent opportunity for our team to meet many amazing people while shipping artwork from a private client to a gallery. Last week was especially important for Fine Art Shippers because we had the pleasure of working with the talented artist Peter Keil and the incredibly inspirational owner of Peanut Gallery, Penelope Kernen. Such a unique collaboration and the entire process of fine arts shipping have brought us much delight and valuable experience that we will continue to use and benefit from!

Peter Keil 

Peter Robert Keil is a well-known German Neo-Expressionist painter and sculptor, who is often called “the Wild Man of Berlin” for his energetic lifestyle and art. His artworks, which are primarily oil-based paint on canvas, ceramic, cardboard, and board, can be found today in many private art collections, galleries, museums, and exhibitions, not to mention hotels and offices around the world. Keil’s impressive choice of colors, dynamic shapes, and unique method of painting using thick brush strokes make his works instantly recognizable and highly collectible by those who keep track of contemporary art. 

Peanut Gallery

Established in 2016 in Summit, New Jersey, Peanut Gallery quickly became the go-to place for unique mid-century modern and contemporary artworks. Its success is largely due to the honest efforts of Penelope Kernen, the gallery’s active and open-minded owner, who has additionally built a solid career in television. Featuring one-of-a-kind works of art by such renowned artists as Peter Keil, Yaacov Agam, Rolph Scarlett, and Adine Stix, Peanut Gallery is one of those destinations you cannot miss if you want to complement your collection with a perfect piece of modern or contemporary art.

Fine Art Shippers

Fine Art Shippers was chosen as an art shipping company to pack and deliver all Peter Keil’s works to Peanut Gallery. It was an amazing opportunity for our team of professional art movers in New York to be involved in the fine arts shipping process and meet such a talented and bright woman as Penelope Kernen, who was waiting to greet us and receive the paintings for the Weekend Art show at Peanut Gallery.

It was indeed a great week for Fine Art Shippers, and we cannot wait for the next chance to work with Peter Keil and Penelope Kernen!

Peter Keil’s works

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Peanut Gallery