Fine Art Shipping to Los Angeles: Where to Start If You’re in New York?

Fine Art Shipping to Los Angeles

Anyone who keeps up with the news of the art world knows that art fairs, shows, and other events are happening all the time in all parts of the United States. Los Angeles and New York are the two major centers of the US art scene, which are linked to each other in many ways and often communicate. It is common for art collectors, curators, and artists to send their artwork from one city to the other. But these two locations are separated by almost three thousand miles of land. Nevertheless, there are ways to simplify the process of fine art shipping to Los Angeles from New York. Let’s get you started on planning your journey. 

Fine Art Shipping to Los Angeles: Where to Start If You’re in New York?

The process of fine art shipping to Los Angeles from the East Coast can be tricky for many reasons. First of them is the distance: it is a fact that the further you are shipping your valuables, the higher the risk of them getting damaged. This is why finding a reliable art logistics company is crucial. Be careful when making a choice and ensure that your art shippers are competent and offer the services you need. This brings us to the question of what kind of transport to choose.

There are two methods of shipping works of art to Los Angeles from New York: you can either opt for transportation by air or by an art truck. On the one hand, air transportation is incredibly useful when you are looking to deliver artwork as soon as possible. However, planes and express courier deliveries are not a cure-all solution. There are certain limitations to the kinds and amount of art you can ship by air. Besides, air freight can be very expensive, so you have to keep your budget in mind.

On the other hand, art trucks are completely safe and can deliver entire art collections almost anywhere in the United States. Art trucks are also a significantly cheaper option when it comes to fine art shipping to Los Angeles. However, it will take an art truck a longer time to get to the location in comparison to an airplane.

Working with dependable service providers and figuring out your priorities should be enough to help you start designing a plan for shipping your valuables across the country. Good luck!