Challenges of Moving Artworks Across the Country and Internationally

Challenges of Moving Artworks Across the Country and Internationally

Planning a long-distance move can be stressful for many reasons, especially if you have valuables you wish to take to your new home. Some items might be expensive or hold sentimental value to you and your family, which means that their transportation has to be handled with special care. When it comes to moving artworks, there are many risks you have to consider before setting off on your journey. In case you decide to take the transportation process into your own hands, here is a rundown of some issues you might potentially face.

Moving Artworks Long-Distance: What Are the Dangers?

There are different details to keep in mind depending on whether you choose for your items to be transported by road, air, or sea. The longer the shipping, the longer your breakables are vulnerable to the influences of the outside world.

Careless handling

If you are using a regular postal or shipping service, you have very little control over what happens to your piece during transit. You might label your package and spend a lot of time choosing the best packaging materials, but, ultimately, you cannot know for certain how your items are handled after you pass them on to the shipping company. Moreover, even when working with professional art handlers, it is crucial to check whether the third-party shippers involved in the moving process are trustworthy and have a good reputation.

Improper packing

Properly packing your items is one of the biggest challenges when moving artworks. Some pieces can be extremely fragile and might need special accommodations, even when simply hanging on the wall or being kept in storage. It is evident that during long-distance transportation, works of art or antiques become even more susceptible to things like abrupt temperature changes or rapid vibrations of the moving vehicle. In addition, some delicate pieces require custom wooden crates to be made for them.

Losing your artwork

This is truly a nightmare situation, but it can happen: your precious artwork can get lost during transit. There are millions of packages being shipped by regular carriers every day, so problems like this are not that rare. You can make sure your piece safely arrives at the place of its destination by choosing a reputable fine art shipping company.

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