Fine Art Shippers Stands with Israel 

Fine Art Shippers Stands with Israel 

Fine Art Shippers offers our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies to the people of Israel during this time of sorrow and pain. Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

The aggressive attacks by Hamas across Israel this past Saturday marked one of the most intense and deadly confrontations in the region in years. Over 700 Israelis, both civilians and military personnel lost their lives following Hamas’s breach of the advanced border fence by foot, vehicles, and paragliders in the early hours of Saturday. This was during a time when some Israeli soldiers were observing the Jewish Simchat Torah holiday. A distressing number of around 100 individuals have reportedly been taken captive.

This operation by Hamas in the Gaza Strip is unprecedented in scale; it’s the most powerful cross-border assault Israel has experienced in over a generation. The timing, one day after the 50th remembrance of the unexpected assault by Egypt and Syria in 1973, which instigated a major Middle Eastern conflict, is notable and likely deliberate on the part of Hamas leadership.

Currently, Israel’s defense forces are confronting armed Hamas militants in southern regions and working to secure breaches in its boundary with Gaza, following the incursion that resulted in the tragic loss of hundreds of Israeli lives.

At the core of Fine Art Shippers lies a set of values that champion justice, peace, and the inherent dignity of all human beings. Throughout our years in the art shipping industry, we have been dedicated not only to the safe transportation of precious artifacts but also to the belief that art transcends borders and speaks of universal human experiences. Art is the shared humanity that binds us all. In the face of adversities and conflicts, we remain steadfast in our commitment to these ideals, advocating for understanding, harmony, and the cessation of hostilities everywhere.

In times like these, unity and compassion are paramount, and we hope our words convey the warmth and solidarity we feel for all affected by this tragedy.

May peace and understanding prevail. We pray for the suffering to end.