Fine Art Shippers Recommend: New York Art Shows to Visit This Week

As one of the best New York art moving companies, Fine Art Shippers constantly deal with art and antiques on a day-to-day basis. From paintings and prints to sculptures and installation art, we provide comprehensive art work shipping services, no matter what kind of valuables you need to move. However, it is not the only thing that makes our dedicated team of experienced art shippers stand out from the crowd. We are not just moving fine art in New York, across the country, or internationally – we love this job and enjoy doing it every day. Moreover, being connoisseurs of art ourselves, we do not miss the opportunity to visit the best exhibitions and are always ready to share this experience with you. For this week, Fine Art Shippers recommend the following New York art shows you are sure to like!

“Against Me” by Alessandro Pessoli

“Against Me” is a solo exhibition by an Italian-born artist Alessandro Pessoli, which includes his newest sculptural installations, handmade arrows and bows, ceramics, paintings, and even a version of a famous Italian trattoria espresso bar – Sandrino. Last week, we had the pleasure to visit this amazing exhibition, and now highly recommend it to you!

Where: Anton Kern Gallery

When: Until November 11, 2017

“Andre Brasilier in New York” by Andre Brasilier

“Andre Brasilier in New York” is the first New York solo show by an 88-year-old French painter Andre Brasilier in nearly twenty years. The exhibition includes artist’s both old and new works, with a focus on figurative canvases.

Where: Opera Gallery New York

When: Until November 13, 2017

“Shaman Party” by Kim Simonsson

“Shaman Party” is a fantastic exhibition of handmade works by the Finnish sculptor Kim Simonsson, which represents a series of ceramic figures coated in nylon flock, inspired by the Nordic fairy tales and Finnish forest.

Where: Jason Jacques Gallery

When: Until November 7, 2017

“An Odyssey” by Raphael Mazzucco

If you like fine art photography, “An Odyssey” is right for you! Featuring a unique collection of Raphael Mazzucco’s works made in exotic locations around the world, this solo show is definitely worth seeing!

Where: Louis K. Meisel Gallery

When: Until November 11, 2017

Hopefully, this short list of the most interesting art shows and exhibitions compiled by Fine Art Shippers New York will help you choose your art destinations for this week! Enjoy!