Fine Art Shippers Offers Artwork Courier Services Across the US

Fine Art Shippers Offers Artwork Courier Services Across the US

Fine Art Shippers is a trusted art logistics company headquartered in New York. We have been working productively with museums, galleries, private collectors, and artists throughout the United States for many years. How do we manage it? To provide high-quality artwork courier services not only in New York but also throughout the United States, we have launched a network of consolidated art shuttles.

Art Shuttle: Artwork Courier Services by Fine Art Shippers

An art shuttle is a proven way to quickly, cost-effectively, and, most importantly, safely deliver a work of art across the United States. We will discuss each of these points in more detail below.

1. Our art shuttle is fast

How can an art shuttle be fast when it comes to transporting many works of art to different locations? We have specific routes and provide an approximate time period for pick-up and delivery so you can evaluate if this works for your specific shipment or not. While some deliveries may take more time because of the long distance, most of them are quite straightforward and fast. We always post our closest routes with the stops along the way and try to satisfy all requests as much as possible.

2. Our art shuttle is cost-effective

Compared to dedicated art moving, art shuttle services are more cost-effective. At the same time, they meet all the requirements of high-end artwork courier services. We always use the highest quality packing materials, from art plastic to cardboard, and do not skimp on our vehicles.

3. Our art shuttle is safe

Our shuttles are equipped with everything necessary to safely transport even the most fragile artwork. Temperature and humidity control, reliable fixing methods – this is just a partial list of how an ordinary truck differs from a specialized art shuttle. In addition, all our drivers have many years of experience in transporting art objects, so the cross-country trip for your valuables will be safe.

If you are interested in artwork courier services and our art shuttles, the Fine Art Shippers team will be happy to assist you with the transportation of your valuable art pieces and antiques. Simply submit your request using our free quote form.