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Stolen Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s painting being in the center of the multi-million divorce settlement was stolen in Paris. According to media reports, this work estimated at $11.3 million (€10 million) was removed from a plush apartment located near the interior ministry and the Elysee presidential palace. However, the police didn’t find any trace of a break-in. It’s interesting that Basquiat’s work titled “Wine of Babylon” (1984) was recovered hours after the theft. The rightful owner got the painting back after it being traced to a family member with whom she presumably had had a squabble. What’s more, earlier the husband had even tried to put it up for sale without the consent of his wife. Finally, let us just note that, since the premature death of a New York famed artist in 1988, prices for his works have been growing steadily. Thus, in 2013, the “Dustheads” by Jean-Michel Basquiat was sold for $48.8 million at Christie’s New York.

Uninvited guest in an old house

What happened to the 11 famous paintings from the Koshland House in San Francisco? The police have not yet found the answer to this question but have already arrested Jeremiah Kaylor discovered on the property the previous Saturday. It is assumed that the paintings were stolen by this “vagabond artist” known in San Francisco. They say that a young man illegally settled in the abandoned house and sold chandeliers, books, an expensive stereo system, and numerous paintings remained from the former owners. This three-story building built in 1904 is a copy of Petit Trianon – a small palace built in Versailles in 1774 and presented to Marie Antoinette by her husband Louis XVI. The former owner of Koshland House bought it for $22 million in 2007, but later he went bankrupt. The house is officially considered to be abandoned, and now is estimated at $12.5 million. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Kaylor could pawn the paintings far below their real market value. So the question is who owns the looted works of art worth over $300,000?

Elizabeth Hurley scandalous selfie 

British actress Elizabeth Hurley could be called to account for the priceless property damage. However, she was lucky to be just removed by security from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The thing is that the “Austin Powers” and “Gossip Girl” star decided to take a quick selfie on the really old bed from the XVI century known as the Great Bed of Ware. Once she had stretched out on it for a good photo, the alarm went off, and all the security guards came to escort Liz with her friend, shoe designer Patrick Cox, out of the building. As it is written in the museum catalog, the bed spotted by Ms. Hurley refers to the late Elizabethan period and is unique in its size: it can accommodate a minimum of four couples. So whether you are a famous actress, freelance artist, or a millionaire owner of the priceless art collection, you have to comply with the rules. But hey, at least Liz got the unique photo!

Famous masterpieces by Carlo Crivelli in Boston

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston has recently presented the stunning works created 500 years ago by a great master of the Italian Renaissance, Carlo Crivelli. The first retrospective of this artist in the US, iconic works from museums around the world, the restored “Saint George Slaying the Dragon” painting, and the recreated Porto San Giorgio altar polyptych – everything was done to make the “Ornament and Illusion: Carlo Crivelli of Venice” exhibition a highlight of the year! Carlo Crivelli (1430 or 1435 – 1494) is one of the most enigmatic and important artists of the fifteenth century. He is distinguished by a non-standard approach visible in all his works depicting religious subjects. The exhibition features 23 paintings and the only one known drawing by Crivelli. These works have been brought from the National Gallery in London, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Metropolitan Museum, and the museums of Verona and Frankfurt. This one-of-a-kind exhibition is on view till 25 January 2016.

Sotheby’s is going to sell the double portrait by Anders Zorn

Sotheby’s New York auction of 19th Century European Art will be lead by Anders Zorn’s “Portrait Of The Daughters Of Ramón Subercaseaux.” It is expected that the masterpiece created by one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century will bring $1 – 1.5 million. Being a painter, graphic artist, and sculptor, Anders Zorn was very famous in his native Sweden, as well as highly valued in London, Paris, and, especially, in the US. His portraits were in great demand throughout the world. Among the admirers of the Zorn’s talent were many famous figures of the Gilded Age, including legendary tycoon Andrew Carnegie, philanthropist Isabella Stewart Gardner, and even three American presidents. Such an unprecedented interest in the work of the Sweden artist appeared after major retrospective exhibitions held at the Museum of Fine Arts in San Francisco and the National Academy in New York. Scenes of “folk life,” elegant portraits, gallant “nudes”… everything created by Anders Zorn is charming and arouses admiration even now! The “Portrait Of The Daughters Of Ramón Subercaseaux” originally ordered by the influential and wealthy Chilean artist, politician, and diplomat will be exhibited at the pre-sale exposition from 31 October to 2 November. The auction itself will be held on 3 November.

Venice wants to sell off masterpieces to pay off city debts

This sensational piece of news has excited the whole Art world: Venetian Mayor Luigi Brugnaro expects to sell the iconic paintings by famous artists from the International Gallery of Contemporary Art in Ca ‘Pesaro to pay off city debts. Thus, the world-known masterpiece by Gustav Klimt “Judith II (Salome)” is going to be sold for $79.6 million (€70 million), and the whole collection is preliminarily estimated at $448 million (€400 million). According to Brugnaro, this Klint’s work, as well as some notable paintings by Chagall and other artists, is not directly related to the history of Venice. So what could cause Venetian Mayor to encroach on the museum property that attracts tourists from all over the world? The fact is that, in spite of the crowd of idle visitors, the situation in Venice is rather deplorable. The city doesn’t have enough money even to finance kindergartens. Anyway, the proposal has been announced, but the authorities in Rome can still refuse it in the coming days. Time will show!

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