Fine Art Logistics Services for Art Business Professionals


Fine Art Shippers provides comprehensive in-house fine art shipping services tailored to meet the unique needs of art objects from every angle. Since 1995, we have been offering highly efficient, specialist art transport solutions for art business professionals around the world. Our commitment to detailed planning, effective preparation, and careful execution has earned the loyalty of a whole range of reputable museums, galleries, and auction houses, including Christie’s and Shapiro Auctions, specializing in both antiques and modern art. Plus, our professional fine art logistics services are chosen by many contemporary artists and private collectors, who want to ensure their precious collections are properly protected in transit.

Fine Art Transportation

We offer local, domestic, and international art transportation services for relocation, art fairs, acquisitions, museum loans, traveling shows, and gallery exhibition needs via our specially equipped climate-controlled vehicles and a wide network of overseas and airline partners. Plus, we provide our clients with a range of cost-effective white glove courier and art shuttle services that also maintain our high handling standards.

Secure Art Packing and Crating

Since proper packing is the first line of defense for any artwork, Fine Art Shippers offers tailored packing solutions for all kinds of art and antiques, taking into account their unique moving requirements and needs. We also provide professional crating services at a competitive price, ensuring that even the most fragile and delicate items are well protected and ready for the move.

Art Storage

Fine Art Shippers offers secure, climate-controlled art storage solutions in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and other US cities, supported by a variety of collection management services. Our warehouses are all properly equipped with sophisticated security and fire sprinkler systems, providing the utmost protection for all items being stored. Plus, they are staffed by our qualified team possessing years of experience in art handling.

Art Installation

In addition to art transportation, packing, and storage, our fine art logistics services also include art installation of any level of complexity. Whether it comes to the gallery exhibition, art fair, or residential installation, we will work with you to optimize the visual impact of your collection. Besides, we have all the required equipment to handle even large sculptures and extra heavy items.

Fine Art Shippers is always the right place to come for professional art moving help and assistance. We are here to exceed all your expectations and support the unique needs of each transported object!