Fascinating Mixed-Media Paintings by Amanda Valdez

At Fine Art Shippers, we can ship a painting of any size and weight. In fact, our team has extensive experience in shipping large paintings that require special packing and care. Add to this our individual approach to every client and very competitive rates, and you will understand why Fine Art Shippers is a preferred art logistics company for many galleries, auction houses, dealers, and artists in the New York metropolitan area and beyond. Besides, we can ship a painting not only of any size and weight but also of any medium, which incorporates different materials and, therefore, demands professional handling. In this blog post, let us tell you about Amanda Valdez, an amazing artist who creates truly fascinating mixed-media works!

Amanda Valdez

Amanda Valdez is an American artist born in Seattle, Washington in 1982. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007 and her Masters of Fine Arts from New York’s Hunter College in 2011. For today, Amanda Valdez who is largely known for her beautiful mixed-media paintings incorporating oil stick, fabric, embroidery, sewing, and other media lives and works in New York City. This talented artist is represented by Denny Dimin Gallery, but her fascinating works are also exhibited in many other galleries throughout the United States and worldwide. To ship a painting by Amanda Valdez would be an honor for Fine Art Shippers. This great young artist creates very interesting works that are definitely worth public attention!